Bella Sarno Take 2

Once again I went out to eat twice on my birthday; to brunch and to dinner. Of course as a basic sorority girl, it’s expected I love brunch and I’m unashamed to say it’s my favorite meal – besides dessert obviously. We went to Victoria Cafe in Plainville and I ordered eggs Florentine which is eggs Benedict using spinach instead of ham. I’m pretty sure my dad ordered an omelette but as you can see he devoured it before I was able to snap a picture. Not pictured are my wonderful grandparents, mom and little brothers. Later that night my beautiful friends and I went to my favorite restaurant yet again and I very quickly decided on the salmon. This dish was slightly different from last year’s although still delicious and picturesque. The zucchini and summer squash were mixed into a light rice pilaf, topped of course with their amazing grilled salmon and garnished with herbs and a thick balsamic sauce. Life is too good to me on my birthday.

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