DIY Breakfast Sandwich

My second Dining Hall Hacks Series recipe is this amazing DIY breakfast sandwich! Again don’t be afraid to customize these recipes to fit what your dining hall offers!  This breakfast is a little higher in calories but it will keep you full for hours and can be really helpful when you get sick of regular dining hall food. Most of these foods are only available in the dining halls at breakfast so make sure you get there before 11:00am. Toast a bagel of your choice (I chose poppy seed this day) and this is going to sound strange, but you want to spread plain yogurt on both sides of the bagel and then a splash of hot sauce depending on your preference on both sides as well. Then go ahead and grab whatever type of eggs are available (scrambled, hard boiled, fried etc.) and some type of meat (I used Canadian bacon). Combine all of these together to make your perfect sandwich and enjoy!

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