Boston Burger Company

Because I recently graduated high school, I decided I needed one last hurrah before my friends moved all over the country. So my friends Katie and Isabel and I took the train into Boston to visit the famous Boston Burger Company. And of course, there was a half hour wait, but it was well worth it. Generally when I go out to eat I get a salad because I’m that girl, but being at the BBC, I felt obligated to get a burger. So I decided on the Vermonster, which comes with sautéed apples, red onion, bacon, maple mayonnaise and cheddar cheese. Then for dessert, Katie and I split the Strawberry Shortcake Freakfrappe pictured here. I have no idea how many calories I consumed and I don’t care! It was so good, reasonably priced, and well worth the trip. Next time we go, I definitely want to try the Mac Attack! If you’ve tried it, comment below what you thought 


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